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Free Download Game Need For Speed Carbon - kali ini HQSA mau share Game Need For Speed Carbon, Need for Speed is one of the most famous car game sagas in the world. This latest and eagerly-awaited carbon version is perfect for players who relish the excitement of driving where the only limits are the ones they themselves set.

Free Download Game Need For Speed Carbon - For those of you who are already familiar with this game, I am going to tell you about some of the new features included in this version and for those of you who are not, I am sure that you will soon become hooked on the thrill and spills of this exciting game:

You can tune your vehicle until it is the way you want it: all the colours you can imagine, xenon headlights, tinted windscreens, and all manner of decorative elements. TOTALLY UNLIMITED
Carbon contains new driving challenges and you can set your vehicle’s speed.
This version sees the return of street racing competitions.
The graphics have been completely overhauled
You have a very powerful personalisation system.Carbon is a new story that takes place in Carbon Canyon. In this version you are not only driving, but you are the boss of a crew that has been out of town and now is faced with re-conquering it sector by sector. Speed is not enough; you have to show off your skills by street racing, driving on two wheels, etc. It is the ultimate driving challenge.

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